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When you book a colouring service please select a cut & blow dry or blow dry service as we do all our colouring services with a finishing service

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gender neautral

In this new era of gender fluidity we want to make sure our pricing reflects the chosen service and experience level of your Stylist, not the gender you identify as.

Not only do we believe that this is a fairer and more inclusive way of doing things, we also feel it’s necessary because of how hair trends are changing.

It’s common in our salon to have women with short crops and men with longer hair. Some shorter haircuts can often require more time, skill and precision than longer haircuts.


This is the Cutting service that covers most hair types, lengths and textures. Ranging from Long Layered Styles to Bobs and Pixie Cuts.

Includes time to wash, cut, blow dry, style and refine your haircut.


This service should be chosen if you are looking for a style that is very short and clean around the ears. Ranging from skin fades to short crops and head shaves

Includes time to wash, cut, blow dry, style and refine your haircut.


This service should be chosen if your are looking for a complete restyle (Long Hair being cut to Short Hair) or have extra long/ thick hair where the Stylist needs more time.

Includes time to wash, cut, blow dry, style and refine your haircut.

Just to let you know all our foils and balayage include toners so no extra charge on top when in our salon



Harnessing the power of plant essence this anti-aging treatment offers not just restoration of the hair but mind and body. To take away the stresses of everyday life. With 98% naturally derived ingredients. This is a 45-minute treatment and includes a luxury blow dry to finish.


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·     this revolutionary treatment uses 18 naturally derived amino acids and ceramides to replace body, strength, elasticity, hydration and shine. Using infra-red technology to ensure deep penetration right into the hair fibers. Included in this treatment you will leave with a full blow dry using the best oway products. 

Standalone single treatment £110

When booked as a course of 3 treatments take 20% off

Herbs & Clay

Herbs & Clay

Herbs and Clay Peeling Cleanser 

Is a holistic beauty and wellness detox treatment for the scalp hair and mind. Its 100% natural ingredients have a gentle peeling affect to deeply cleanse and purify the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth and scalp function. 

This is 1hr and 15 minute treatment and includes a luxury blow dry to finish £70